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Patient’s Testimonials

Till I visited for liver transplant surgery in India, my future was unpredicted by how long I would live. It made me to feel concerned to make a vision for my life for even next few months and years. Not only I, many of the patients from the Middle East, Nigeria, Congo, Kenya, South Africa and many other places all over the world, rely on Indian hospitals for the medical treatment. Thanks to Google search I came accross Safe Health Trip India which assisted me during the whole course of treatment in India. Also for my family who travelled to India with me had faced least discomfort, where I got operated. I am grateful to the hospital for making me to lead my life as a normal human being. Thank you all

Marry Ikeokwu, 38 year, Nigeria

I had a renal failure disease and the doctors had suggested final treatment is only kidney transplant surgery. With the assistance of Safe Health Trip India, I got my kidney transplant surgery done at one of the best hospital of India by best Kidney transplant surgeon. One of my relative had donated his one kidney to give me fresh lease of life. I am thankful to everyone who support me during the toughest phase of my life, Regards

Mohammed, 52, Nigeria

I was playing a time game with the severe liver disease and the problem as I was close to death and any chance of being alive is a benefit and offer to me. In that severe and tough situation, I visited the hospital in India for my liver transplant surgery with the assistance of Safe Health Trip India and got my liver transplant surgery done. Finally, I am back to my regular life leading normal and regular life like a typical human being. We are very grateful to the team of Safe Health Trip India for total assistance right from giving timely response to our mail, booking appointment with doctor, getting best medical care, airport pick up & drop & so on.

Omed Omar, 42 Year, Iraq

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