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Bone Marrow Transplants
Bone-Marrow   Bone marrow is a normal tissue that is flexible and present in the interior of the bones. The BMT or Bone Marrow Transplantat is the transplantation of the blood stem cel
Kidney Transplant Surgery
kidney-transplant A kidney transplant surgery involves removing the diseased kidney of a patients and replacing with a healthy kidney from another person.  It is needed to be done for the patients
Liver Transplant Surgery
liver-transplant Liver transplant is s surgery done for the liver that is diseased to be replaced with another liver that is healthy from the donor. The liver can be taken from either a donor, who
Heart Transplant Surgery
heart-transplant Heart transplant is a surgery involves removing the heart, which is diseased from the patient and replacing it with a heart, which is healthy. For the donor to be eligible to donat

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